Event location is the Property of the Tikinxik restaurant in Chelem


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This Event has been created to raise a mega amount of pesos to benefit the Spay and Neuter efforts of No Mas Perritos, Gatos Libre, a Spay and Neuter Clinic in Progreso for up to 400 animals and the Programs of the Chelem Community Center (CCC).

This is also the milestone 60th Birthday Bash for your Host and DJ Randy Bowser. Many of you know Randy and his wife Jen are huge supporters of these efforts and love creating events that make a statement and raise the awareness and funds for these efforts to continue. This event will set the bar even higher! This will be the event for the Decades!!


Please remember your local Mexican staff/workers as gifted tickets for this event will allow them full access to this epic event and help up the overall numbers for the donation.. 

100% of NET PROCEEDS will be donated to the 4 programs listed.

Please Remember, this Event is Saturday August 19, 7pm to 10pm during the temporada here at the beach, lots of traffic and lots of Police checkpoints. 


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